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k so i was jerkin the gherkin

2009-02-06 22:41:54 by SurprisePotato

k so i was jerkin the gherkin into a salad bowl ofcourse, when all of a sudden my hand slipped, the semen burst out all over the pavement on the side of the road, and this sudden flash flood washed away my car.

i miss my car, almost enough to stop jerking the gherkin on the side of the road into a salad bowl


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2009-02-06 23:05:31

try going to a place with a salad bar and jerking off into the salad. it might look like salad dressing.

SurprisePotato responds:

hmmm good idea, but that just makes me wary of eating salad that i dont make or dont see them making it


2009-02-06 23:12:19

try sizzler. They have a reasonably large salad section.

SurprisePotato responds:


has anyone else ever jerked off into a salad bowl?


2009-02-06 23:24:02

There are many things you can jerk off into besides a bowl.

You could learn a lot from these people: ex.php?showtopic=15655


2009-02-06 23:49:45

Yeah go somewhere with a salad bar and jerk off in the ranch dressing. People put it on the salad.

Bon Apetite Jerkwads.


2009-02-09 21:33:31

I've jerked into a cheese grater once. It was swell.