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Should i return to flash?

2009-03-12 01:29:13 by SurprisePotato

watch my last flash and let me know if i should start again

constructive criticism is welcome

i would quite like to start again, although im just not sure if people would like my work

thank you


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2009-03-12 02:42:13

no, your first flash i saw had really bad graphics and you really needed to put some more effort into it.


2009-03-12 02:46:50

delete ny previous comment i changed my mind keep doing flash!


2009-03-12 07:59:33

You decide. You might want to practice a bit more if you don't want your stuff blammed.


2009-03-12 16:19:10

yes but don't actually trie, make a bunch of spam


2009-03-18 12:47:11

honestly myslef i didnt like but that doesnt mean you should stop other people probably liked it you definently have potential try making something with a story line dude good luck on future flashes


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