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2009-05-12 01:33:52 by SurprisePotato

Who likes scrotums?

Should i return to flash?

2009-03-12 01:29:13 by SurprisePotato

watch my last flash and let me know if i should start again

constructive criticism is welcome

i would quite like to start again, although im just not sure if people would like my work

thank you

k so i was jerkin the gherkin into a salad bowl ofcourse, when all of a sudden my hand slipped, the semen burst out all over the pavement on the side of the road, and this sudden flash flood washed away my car.

i miss my car, almost enough to stop jerking the gherkin on the side of the road into a salad bowl

my dog died yesterday

2009-02-06 18:54:04 by SurprisePotato

my sister killed it

i have a big knob

2009-02-05 19:29:28 by SurprisePotato

it is huge

There was this dog

2009-02-04 23:00:37 by SurprisePotato

he died

it was THIS BIG

2009-02-04 04:49:52 by SurprisePotato

no really it was



2009-02-02 03:24:02 by SurprisePotato

yer it was that big

Where did they go

2009-02-02 01:10:51 by SurprisePotato

they are all gone :(


2009-02-02 00:42:45 by SurprisePotato

a......... Wiggle